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How do I use the blood pressure recording and management service?

Step 1. Add a new measurement

1-1. Access the LifeCare screen

Please click LifeCare in the main screen choose Measuring Service

Find Blood Pressure Measurement and click Set up at the bottom right corner to add measurement data

1-2. Set up your blood pressure measurement

You can name the blood pressure measurement service and fill in your medical history and use of medicine. You can also set an alarm to remind you about your measurement schedule

After you have filled in the necessary information, don't forget to click Save

1-3. Start measuring new blood pressure data

Return to the Measuring Service screen to start a new measurement of your blood pressure

In Blood Pressure Measurement, click the Pen icon in the upper right to input your new blood pressure value

1-4. Fill in the measured blood pressure value

Please correctly enter the value of your systolic BP, diastolic BP, heart rate, as well as the date and time of measurement

After your information has been saved successfully, you will receive health suggestions from Experts. Please click Save

Step 2. View your blood pressure history

2-1. Access the data history screen

Please click the Blood Pressure Measument symbol to view your blood pressure data history

Your blood pressure history is displayed in a chart to help you to compare them easily

2-2. Details about one measurement

Below the chart, you will find details about the measurement. Please select the measurement you want to view and click > to view its details, including the Expert's health suggestions

2-3. Setting up your measurement history search

If you click the Menu icon at the bottom right corner of the chart, a few options will be shown

"History Inquiry" will allow you to set the start and the end time, and view your measurements in between that time period. Thanks to "Display Setting", you can set display range to view your blood pressure measurement values you want to view

Step 3. Delete Measurement Data

In this screen, click the Delete icon on the right side of the item you want to delete. Next, a confirmation box will appear and please click OK to confirm deletion