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How to authorize experts to view general health info and exam data?

Step 1 Authorize Expert/Clinic to view health information

1-1 Choose Expert/ Clinic

Log in App and find Expert/Clinic in the contact list. Please click the avatar or the name of Expert/ Clinic who is authorized to view your health information.

Note: If Expert/ Clinic is not in your contact list, please refer to - How to search Expert/ Clinic and make consultation

1-2 Authorize Expert/Clinic to view general health info and exam data

Please click Menu icon and choose Authorize in the third line. Then, please enter your password and click OK to confirm.

Note: Use your account login password.

1-3 Complete authorization

If Authorize is turned into purple, you are successful in authorizing Expert/Clinic to view your general and exam data.

Step 2 Cancel authorization

Access the personal page of Expert/Clinic and then, please click Menu icon at the top right. Choose Auhorize in the third line and please click OK when the following box turns up.

When Authorize is turned from purple into black, you succeed in cancelling authorization and this Expert/Clinic can't be able to view your general health info and exam data.