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Unique & Accurate Health Management

We provide a comprehensive, high-quality and integrated health data assessment, which gives you a clear, concise analysis of your health condition anytime, anywhere.

Innovative Assessment – Better Health

Based on more than 500 evidence-based research papers worldwide with medical authority, the system integrates the available information and assesses risk factors for three major causes of death: cancers, chronic illnesses, and coronary artery illnesses in the early stage

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Integrates various health information, history and exam data to analyze the member's risk factors and likelihood of contracting 16 types of cancers, 5 types of chronic diseases, and coronary artery diseases in the future 10 years.

Provides real-time documentation, with comprehensive and integrated analysis from professional healthcare teams online

No need to be stuck in traffic, wait in the clinic/hospital, worry about which specialty to see or bring your own recording and notes

3 easy steps
to obtain your health analysis report

Steps 1

Input your health check-up data

Steps 2

Submit to the Dr.HereOnline Health Exam System

Steps 3

Complete payment to access your comprehensive health analysis report

  • Cost & Affordability
  • Comprehensive Health Analysis
  • Coverage
  • Prevention
  • Innovation
  • Online Report

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