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Flexible in consulting time / Extra Income
Improve quality of care / better health outcomes
Easier access to care for existing patients
Ability to reach previously unreachable patients
Opportunity to provide new services / tap into new markets
Join the next Internet of Health Big Things, and help millions by innovation technology of healthcare
Two ways to practice

Join the DHO Online Healthcare Group

  • The DHO Online Healthcare Group is a global group practicing on Dr.HereOnline services platform.
  • No join fees
  • Get paid per visit
  • Extend your footprint of medicare career
  • Require medical license to join
  • Primarily on-demand visits

Create your own Smart Clinic

  • The Smart Clinic is a set of application services based on DHO’s platform provided to clinic.
  • No entrance fees
  • No equipments purchased
  • Clinical digitalization
  • Integrated, patient/member centric, efficient care delivery
  • Practice under your own clinic brand