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Applications of Smart Clinic

Online Consulting Service

Consult your physician with your mobile phone, and choose to consult through voice, video, text message, photo or audio file channels.

Health Caring & Abnormal Tracking

The clinic can download the member's health exam data and provide reminder or tracking services for the abnormal values/indicators.

Ms. Caring

It helps the clinic conduct scheduled reminders to its members to make a return visit to the clinic.

Message Broadcasting Service

A convenient and rapid broadcasting method to members by the mobile app.

Clinic Profile

Provides information about the clinic and its related services.

Referral Function

This function can refer members to other clinics or experts to get further treatment or services they need.

Benefits of Smart Clinic

Upgrade to Cloud-base Technology Immediately

Increase Patient Retention

No Joining Fee

Increase Patient Satisfaction

Reduce Time & Expenses

No Equipment Purchase Necessary

Increase Clinic Exposure

Increase Medical Professionalism

Smart Clinic

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