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How do I use the weight recording and management service?

Step 1. Input new weight data

1-1. Access the LifeCare screen

Please click LifeCare in the main screen and select Measuring Service

Find the Weight Management symbol and click the Settings button at the bottom right corner to change its settings

1-2. How to set weight management reminders

You can enter your own Service Name and turn on or turn off Reminder Alarms for weight measurements

After you have filled in the necessary information, don't forget to click Save

1-3. Start inputting new weight data

Return to the Measuring Service screen to input new weight data

Click the Pen icon to the upper right of the Weight Management symbol, and input your new weight measurements

1-4. Input the measured weight value

Please input your weight, height, date and time of measurement, and attach images or enter notes

Click the picture upload button below Note, and a window will appear for you to choose the attachment

When you have finished, please click the Next button

1-5. Obtain your current BMI value

After inputting all related data in the previous step and clicking Next, the system will automatically calculate your current BMI value and remind you whether your weight is in normal range

Click the Save button below to keep your recording

Step 2. View your measurement data history

2-1. Enter the data history screen

Please click the Weight Management symbol to view your weight history

Your weight values are displayed in a chart to help you compare them easily

2-2. Details about one measurement

Below the chart, you will find details about the measurement. Please select the measurement you want to view and click > to view its details, including the Expert's health suggestions

2-3. Setting up your measurement history search

If you click the Menu icon at the bottom right corner of the chart, a few options will be shown

"History Inquiry" will allow you to set the start and end time, and you will be able to view your measurements in between that time period. "Display Setting" will allow you to view your weight measurement values

Step 3. Delete Data

Click "Delete Data"

In the Delete Data screen, click Delete to the right of the item you want to delete. A confirmation box will be shown, please click OK