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How to set consultation schedule and status?

Step 1 Set consultation status

Open APP and click Status below your avatar. Three consultation statuses will turn up in the screen

Step 2 Set service status schedule

2-1 Access Service Status Schedule screen

Open APP and click Schedule below your avatar to come into Service Status Schedule screen. Then, please click + at the top right corner of this screen

2-2 Add a new service status schedule

In New Service Status Schedule screen, please set time and status

Regarding Repeat, please choose days you want to repeat this status

2-3 More information about setting Service Status Schedule

For instance:

9:30 a.m every days is the time that you start your consultation; 12:00 p.m every days is the time that you stop your consultation.

At 3:00 p.m every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, your consultaion types are set by leaving messages. At 6:00 p.m, your consultation is stopped

2-4 Edit or Delete Service Status Schedule

After adding new service status schedules, you can edit or delete them at any time

Please click Open-close button to set the activation of this status. Click Pen icon to change time and status. And, click Delete icon to remove the service status schedule below