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How to view Blood Glucose and Blood Pressure Measurement Data?

Step 1 Choose what you want to view

1-1 Access LifeCare screen

Open APP and click LifeCare in the main screen to view Blood Glucose or Blood Pressure Measurement Data

Note: If you want to view Blood Glucose and Blood Pressure Measurement Data, this member have to share measurement recordings with you. Please refer to How to share your Blood Glucose/Pressure recording for Experts/ Clinic or Members?

1-2 Explain unusual symbols

Red numbers below Blood Glucose and Blood Pressure show unusual values.

For example, number 5 beside clock icon indicates that you are monitoring Blood Glucose and Blood Pressure measument values of 5 member, 3 of whom missed schedule to re-measure. The warming triangle icon at the right hand side shows the number of monitored members whose blood glucose and blood pressure values are unsual

Step 2 View the self-measured data

2-1 Sort and filter to find members more easily

For instance, in Blood Glucose Measurement, after coming to this screen, you can sort and filter the member list

Please click the avatar of members you want to view

2-2 View member's measurement data in detail

Come into member's measurement data history screen, the below chart can help you to compare results more easily. Below is record of measurements and you can click to view detail

You can click Chat icon at the right hand side to make consultation with members

2-3 Set display range and display content

Please click Menu icon at the top right corner of the History screen and choose Historical Inquiry to change time period.

Display Setting: based on your demand

Step 3 Set up the interval of time for members to re-measure

Please click Clock icon at the top right corner and the re-measurement time will turn up. Please choose your expected time and click OK

For example, you choose 24 hours. 24 hours is the interval of time your member should re-measure. Member's measurement time is 13:00 today. If after 13:00 tomorrow, your member has not re-measured, the system will report an abnormality