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How to broadcast messages to members via Ms.Caring?

Step 1 Log in Clinic account and start to broadcast messages

After login, please click Speaker icon in the main screen

A box including This function will broadcast messages to "all binding member" via Ms.Caring will jump up and please click Next

Step 2 Broadcast text messages

Please choose Text. When the following screen turns up, please enter your mesage and click Preview before pressing Send

Step 3 Broadcast picture message

Please choose Picture and then, all photos in your mobile phone will be shown. Please choose what you want and click Send buttom at the top right corner of the screen

Step 4 Finish broadcasting

After text and picture messages have been sent, the pop-up with Sending and Successfully scheduled mesage will turn up. Please click OK

Step 5 Broadcast messages to some expected members

5-1 Search members

Please click Magnifer icon at the top right corner to come into Searching Members screen. Please input text to search members

5-2 Use Advanced Setting

Press Advanced Setting buttom to choose members base on medical history, medication history and family history

5-3 Broadcast message to searched members

After finding out members, please click Speaker icon at the top right corner to broadcast message

When messages are broadcasted via this screen, searched members will receive broadcasted messages

Step 6 Broadcast messages to who Clinic is monitoring Blood Glucose and Blood Pressure

6-1 Come into LifeCare screen

Please click LifeCare at the bottom of the main screen and then, choose Blood Glucose Measurement or Blood Pressure Measurement

After that, please click Speaker icon at the top right corner

6-2 Choose members and prepare content

Choose members to whom you broadcast messages and then, choose text or picture messages