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Dr.HereOnline is a comprehensive health services platform that creates a healthcare-concerned society for doctors and members. Members can resolve their health issues by mobile devices via online video consultations, as well gain access to a connected network that allows members, immediate family members/relatives, and healthcare providers to access all required information about health and life care at the same time.

What you can get with Dr.HereOnline

What you can get with Dr.HereOnline

Mobile Health Care Consultation

Comprehensive Health Analysis & Forecast

Personal Health Archive

Personal Health Management

Chronic Disease Management

Health Education

Doctor Forum & Health Social Network

Unified Healthcare Communication

Mobile HealthCare Consultation Service

You can have the consultation with the Healthcare Provider anytime, anywhere through your mobile devices.

Health Exam Analysis & Management Service

Members can transfer their health exam data to generate a comprehensive heath report and get additional details and opinions

Endocrine System
Digestive System
Urinary System
Reproductive System
Cardiovascular System
Respiratory System
Immune System
Musculoskeletal System

Unique Accurate Health Management

Personalized Comprehensive Evaluation and Diagnosis

3 easy steps to get a Health Analysis Report

Step 1

Input your health exam data

Step 2

Submit to DHO Health Analysis System

Step 3

Pay and get your comprehensive health analysis report

LifeCare Service

The members can share images and transfer healthcare information from their home or nursing home with their relatives or friends

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You will love our services

Consult to an Expert/Healthcare Provider anytime, anywhere
Secure, comprehensive, and easy-to-access health reports and analyses
More options of qualified and licensed physicians to choose from
Real-time care and sharing
Unified clinic communication

Why choose Dr.HereOnline?

We are global

Dr.HereOnline work with partners all around the world to deliver healthcare to everyone across the globe.

We are innovative

Dr.HereOnline create a original business and billing model using the advanced technology to make healthcare affordable and accessible.

We are flexible

Dr.HereOnline ‘s service platform as well as business model is flexible and adaptable, can be deployed in unique configurations that meet the business aims in everywhere.

We are reliable

Dr.HereOnline’s focus on business operation is to build up a security and safety environment .

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Enjoy a healthier life with reliable and affordable healthcare.

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Improved patient experience while reshaping the delivery of healthcare.

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