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Mobile Health Care Clinic and healthcare experts profile
Personal Health Archive Comprehensive A.I. health analysis report
Chronic Disease Management Personal health records
Chronic Disease Management Disease follow-up reminder
Comprehensive Health Analysis & Forecast Chronic Disease Management
Personal Health Management Health Education
Health Education Clinic Information broadcasting
Unified Healthcare Communication Online doctor consultation
Mobile HealthCare Consultation Service

Online doctor consultation

Members can consult online doctors via voice or video call, or by sending text messages, photos, or audio files

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Members can search for clinics or experts in the upper right corner of the main screen of the app and add them as healthcare consultants

Search And Choose A Health Expert

Members can input or authorize clinics to import their inspection data

Consult To An Expert/Health Provider Through Video/Audio Call Or Messages

Members can access healthcare consultations through face-to-face video chats, and enjoy the unique, high-quality, and cost-effective consultation service of Dr.HereOnline anytime, anywhere

Connect Over Video Or Phone
Mobile HealthCare Consultation Service

Health Exam Analysis & Management Service

Members can transfer their health exam data to generate a comprehensive health report and obtain additional details and suggestions

Endocrine System Endocrine System
Endocrine System Digestive System
Endocrine System Urinary System
Endocrine System Reproductive System
Cardiovascular System
Endocrine System Cardiovascular System
Endocrine System Respiratory System
Endocrine System Immune System
Endocrine System Musculoskeletal System

health value
health value

How to obtain comprehensive A.I. health analysis report

Steps 1

Input your health exam data

Steps 2

Submit to DHO Health Analysis System

Steps 3

Complete payment and obtain your comprehensive health analysis report

Mobile HealthCare Consultation Service

LifeCare Service

Members can share LifeCare data with their doctors or family members to create a shared care network for chronic diseases

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lifecare service

You will love our services

doctor online serviec Online doctor consultation
Consult to an Expert/Healthcare Inspection data and medical profile management
Secure, comprehensive, and easy-to-access health reports and analyses Shared care network
More options of qualified and licensed physicians to choose from Chronic diseases management
Real-time care and sharing Disease follow-up reminder

Why choose Dr.HereOnline?

Why chose doctor online service

To make healthcare service more accessible

We are global

To implement healthcare management

doctor here online are flexible

To create peronal shared care network

doctor here are reliable

Authorization of pernal profile can protect memeber's personal information

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